Established in 1998, Help Give Hope offers used cars to those in need of transportation. Help Give Hope purchases the car and the recipient of the automobile is made aware that the car has been inspected and repaired, if needed, for Missouri Motor Vehicle Inspection by authorized mechanics of Help Give Hope and is given “as is.” This car comes with no warranty. It is the responsibility of the new owner to financially maintain the automobile, carry required insurance on the vehicle and keep all registration / licensing current. Help Give Hope holds the Title of the automobile “in good faith” for one year.

This program is based on the availability of cars purchased or donated to Help Give Hope. This specific program is a lengthier process.


  • Families must have custody of children under the age of 18 living in the home.
  • Families with children/adults with disabilities over the age of 18 must have full parental guardianship.
  • Families must live in Greene, Northern Christian or Western Webster county.
  • Families must demonstrate, through a questionnaire and in-home interview process, that they will be able to financially maintain the vehicle responsibly.

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