Am sure this comes as no surprise but we have decided to postpone this year’s Help Give Hope golf tourney…hopefully to the Fall assuming this whole mess is behind us and there is an opening on the Twin Oak’s golf schedule. It just breaks my heart but, when compared to the sacrifices millions of individuals, families and businesses are being forced to make locally and around the country, it’s really of little importance.

Now is the time to hunker down, be safe and stay healthy. You are our family and we worry about each and every one of you. Please make good choices! Stay home as much as possible. Wash your hands! Social distancing! There will be time later for golf tournaments and fellowship.

This is an unprecedented time and event in our lives. Let us all pray it will quickly run its course; that vaccines to prevent and medicines to treat this virus will soon be widely available; that people will not panic and we will remain good citizens even as we deal with fear and anxiety; for the health of our friends, neighbors, nation and world (and recovery of those stricken with the virus); and that God will protect our doctors, nurses and all health care workers and volunteers.

Stay positive! We will be able to tell our grandkids we lived through the great pandemic of 2020!

Wade Palmer
417-860-5607 – cell